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Sustainable Design

Smarter buildings for a better future

Earthships are designed to utilise natural resources such as sun and rainwater to support the six essential needs; Energy, Garbage Management, Sewage Treatment: Shelter, Clean Water and Food.

Our buildings are constructed using waste materials from our local environment. Used tyres filled with mud and rubble form the foundations and walls. These tyres are pounded until they bulge, weighing between 200 and 300 lbs depending on the size of the tyre. Plastic bottles, tin and soda cans are used for the walls and belt/ bond beam, which are then plastered over, invisible once the building is complete.

Glass bottles are made into ‘bricks’. Bricks are created using the base of 2 bottles, cut, cleaned and taped together. These bricks are used in the walls of the building or can be placed so that light can shine through. Waste material is also placed in all our seats, steps and benches to ensure there is no shortage of comfy spots in the finished product.

For more information on how our buildings are created come visit us or book a tour today.


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